Seems like cross thread posts are no longer linking back

Hi @discourse there seems to be a weird issue with posts from other threads not linking back any more.

E.g. if I post

Formerly you could click on it and link back to the original thread but now it just sits here on its own.

The link from the thread is still created and if you edit / quote the post you can get the link I suppose.

Hi ya.

So that I can repro, how did you ‘post’ that?

(Also, please email support or team at directly rather than tagging the discourse user as we’re deprecating this as a support channel. Thanks!)

Clicking the time on the post gives a URL. Posting that here:

(Sorry, am unclear if you’re asking me to move this to email or just saying that in future I will need to use the email option.)

Testing for repro


Yeah, just selects the post when you click on it (or highlights it in blue or something). Weird.

Weird. So it used to be like this:

That instance is running the same version as you so something else is interfering.

I’ll do some digging.

It’s fine this time, just meant I needed to create an admin account here to talk to you. Future email is all good.


Okay cheers. I’ll post on there about it then.


Big fan of your choice of test sample HAWK :grinning: