Seems like far-right groups are funding boats to make sure refugees drown?

Dunno, this is one of those Tweets that hit my timeline and I’m a bit agog.

I mean literally, holy hell:


Was tempted to stuff this into the descent into fascism thread but that felt a really cheap way to treat something like this, tbh.

Also, LOL @ this site’s idea of a similar topic:

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There was a profile of a load of the Italian ‘identarian’ (read: fascist) kids behind this in Vice, I think, the other month.

Just utter dirt.

Where are my robot bees FFS.


Yeeaah this is pretty close to straight out genocide, isn’t it

Is it not against maritime law to fail to help a vessel in distress?

Having said that I hope all these fascists sink to the bottom of the Med

“I don’t like fascism, but…”

i will legitimately throw a big party if they all drown

the world is too sad. i agree with darwinbabe but i still hope hopkins gets tossed overboard during an unexpected squall.

Oh, the irony…