Seems like loads of people are getting a cough again

Just noticed that over the last couple days.

You got a cough? Does someone you know have a cough?

Yeah it’s going round

I’ve heard that. I heard that it’s going round

I’m ill currently, got the full works (Inc cough)

Her Indoors has one now you mention it

Summat’s going round!

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you can’t get coughs in Northamptonshire thankfully


They do say that. @safebruv for instance.

I should never have left

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Knew it.

Everyone’s suffering

Aye, it’s going round int it?

I was just telling someone that just now, it is going round

I think something is going round. Both our lads have one and i have a tickle

Everyone’s getting it!

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That’s what I was just saying it. @Konichiwa_Bitches said it was going round so this explains it

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Bubonic plague and dancing fever up there, I believe.

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haven;t been able to breathe through my nose for about a week

I’m adding you to the arse kicking charter!


How does it smell?