Seems like loads of people are getting a cough again

Chilli makes me cough xylo. Might it be that a chilli is going round?


Yeah I had it at the beginning of the week. Thought it mught just have been hayfever. Head still feels like it’s had cement poured into it.

They do say that. @Scout was just saying that in fact


Noticed a lot of people coughing while out and about, in busses, shops, trains, bars, even out on the street. Seems to be a lot of it going round. I spoke to one person yesterday who couldn’t make head nor tail of it.


Eating loads of spicy stuff when you’ve got a cold to ‘get things moving’

  • Yes always
  • I don’t do this

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I would probably tell him it’s going round

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Going to make some spicy noodles and leak from every facial orifice

Eat it because it’s the only taste that can get through mostly

Very tempted to link this to the ass eating thread

I’m fine and don’t know anyone that’s ill thought we were all just taking the piss out of tilty

I mean you did say it was going round so

Personally, I shove spicy stuff up my ass when I’ve got a cold to ‘get things moving’.

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Don’t be crude!

I’m ill I’m allowed to do whatever I want and everyone has to be nice to me

Oh sorry, I didn’t know about this, my apologies


Can you please text my darling partner and tell her to go to the shop to get me some grapes, thanks

risky technique though as if you cough it all comes flying back out again and you’re back to square one but with a spicy ring to add to the mix

Tell you what I’ve noticed - there’s definitely a cough going around.

Mum and dad have had a persistent cough since February which is only just abating now. The thinly-veiled and I have had it for about a fortnight; I’m anticipating it staying with us until the middle/end of summer. Depressing.

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Really is going round.

Also @tilty i swear this wasn’t designed to enrage you. Just a coincidental pondering of people saying it’s going round

Because it is going to round you see

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