Seems weird that the best album of the year was released on the 15th of January

dunno why, but you’d normally expect the album of the the year to be released in Spring or Summer I reckon

Ah, a fellow skunk anansie fan


Which album? Suede’s is probably my AOTY so far. That was a January release. January and September were brilliant months for new albums.

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Anderson Paak - Malibu, obvs

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Suede for me too Al

I’m amazed that Suede can still knock it out the park after all this time

when I finally stop listening to Anarchytecture (and it’s not getting old yet!!!) it seems likely that Night Thoughts will be the album I turn to next.

Yeah me too. Thought the last one was half decent, really wasn’t expecting this one to be so good at all

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Their album launch gig at that Ace Hotel venue is my gig of the year too. I got their latest signed by the band as well as my over 20 year old copies of their debut and Dog Man Star. As a sad aging indie kid that was a brilliant night for me.

Adore Malibu, but I think you actually meant January 8th

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nope, it definitely came out on the 15th

I thought Marching Church came out last week?

Weirdly, as an ageing Britpop/Suede fan I’ve barely listened to their new one. I think the fact that they dropped in a few new tunes at Glastonbury last year when all I wanted was a song along put me off. I shall remedy this immediately (well, I’ll stick it on on the way home from work).

The NxWorries album is almost as good IMO. Neither are my AOTY but I ain’t hating

Also, sides splitting at the suggestion that Suede made the album of the year

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Realise I didn’t word my shitty joke very well, but I was trying to imply that another album (that came out on Jan 8th) was best of the year, not that malibu came out on the 8th.

Unless you already worked that out and are playing along. In which case carry on, grumble grumble

ranierwolfcastleetc.jpg, yes

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I’m not really sure I can agree with anything posted in this thread

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Suede did make a really, really good album. (Liking Suede helps in this judgment)

Well you’re right that the Sleater-Kinney album was released early in 2015.

“Made a really good album for people who like Suede” seems a much more reasonable appraisal