Seen quite a few adverts for Gino D'Acampo's new cook book recently

Probably won’t buy it though

I’ve got quite a few cook books but I never actually use them for recipes


What do you use them for?

Well currently they’re just used for raising up my partner’s laptop when she is on work calls.

Usually though I just think they’re nice items to have and look at the pictures

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Will you be buying the new one from Gino?

Nah, I’ll be giving it a miss

Yeah same

Something something something Paul Young and hats and guitars

Guarantee Gordon Ramsay will bring out a Gordon Ramsay range of ready meals soon because Gino’s done it and he’s the most competitive man on earth

Reckon we’ve got a couple more Gino D’Acampo threads in us?


at least 5

Maybe time for a rolling Gino D’Acampo thread

cinque, as Gino might say


If his last name was D’Acampi, it would make a lot of sense for him to bring out a range of scampi! But it isn’t and he hasn’t, and that’s just the way things are.


Rolling is something Gino might do when making pasta

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come here channel 5 GIF by Stellify Media

Gino! Oh Gino! D’Acampo!
Ice Creama Piazza Italia

Gino D’Acamping equipment

Another merchandising idea for Gino there

Vino D’Acampo.


Jeans D’Acampo