Seen Sigur Ros on this tour?

Saw em last night in Nottingham, really impressed me. Virtually none of the shitty new stuff, loads from ( ) and Takk and a couple bsides thrown in too. Sound was perfect and a great venue.

Really enjoyed it.


Loved the 2016 gig, very tempted to try to grab some tickets for tomorrow.

Just wasn’t keen on a £60+ price tag and the good seats were sold when I went looking originally - but if some decent upper balcony £30 ones appear then I’m there

Any support and what sort of stage times are we talking?

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Just checked and Kveikur came out in 2013? WTF

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No support, two sets. Nottingham was 8 and 9:30

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Saw them on their second night in Manchester - same again after seeing them there in 2016. Actually think I preferred this time around, the show is just so perfectly constructed and I had the advantage of being stone cold sober so no blurry memories. 10/10 gig.

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Was tempted but then I remembered I saw them twice the year they played Primavera, I was really excited about it and in the end I was bored shitless.

What’s their live setup like these days?

I was a little disappointed by the stripped down three piece approach when I saw them at Porto Primavera. Sounded good on paper but I do think they are missing something without the string section and full pomp.

The Ally Pally gig with Aminna on strings was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, so possibly had unreasonably high expectations. Would love to see them again.

Four of em. Thought it sounded great.

They are a four piece currently. Saw them last week and thought the sound they generated was incredible. Some chat about the first London gig in here…

Going tonight. I’ve never really been 100% into them, but the last time I saw them was at T in the Park in 2006/7 and that was really good, so I’m looking forward to it.

Genuinely had no idea they were touring until someone posted about it last week on here. Feel like I would have known that a few years ago.

Nah I haven’t


Possibly seeing them on Thursday. Friend wants to go and has been looking out for cheap tickets, but he’s also not feeling well so he might have to give it a miss. Probably won’t bother going to see them if he doesn’t as I can’t be bothered with the trip to Dublin and back on my own.

Haven’t really listened to them in years, but never seen them live before.

I’ll be through in town for this one. Some of the £44 upper balcony seats next to me are still available, if that helps you decide either way whether or not to splash the cash on one of those :grin:

Glasgow gig was really fantastic tonight


Saw them a month ago in Helsinki. Agree that they are on fantastic form - transcendental Icelandic wailing at its very best.


Wish I’d had it in me to go tonight but feeling a bit sick and just tired tbh

Hope it was great and the view works well! Great venue for them

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Went to listen to it there and turned it off four songs in. Has aged really badly.

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I just listened to the title track and it’s great. Haven’t gone back to the rest

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Was crap at the time too other than the first track imo. Title track was fine