Seethrough lace shorts for men


Myself, xylo and profk - the alpha dons of DiS - are all in. Who else?


Don’t think I’m Alpha enough for them tbh.


really enjoyed the shoot, man. some serious ass on show there.


I… erm… nah ive got nothing


Are white socks and trainers mandatory?


Having flashbacks of colleague switching to Summer wear. See through yellow linen trousers. You could clearly see his red thong. Repressed memory is free.


look how long they are. strikes me as insecure, tbqh.

what about that lingerie for guys, lacy floral briefs and whatnot? now that’s for the truly comfortable in their own skin.




I’ll have an XXL in lilac please


Would do this on a hot day. Standard singlet to match.


Serious poll, no bullshit. Would you wear these seethrough lace shorts?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’ve sold 3 to adybongo alone already for his summer hols. poll is bullshit.


Do they come in black?


I asked the wife if she’d leave me if i wore these. She did not respond.


obviously. imagine how mental your tan would end up looking