Seinfeld on Netflix


‘what’s the deal with netflix, it’s not on the net* and you can’t flick it**!’

*not true
**i guess you can ‘flick’ channels but…

ANYWAY Seinfeld is back with TWO new standup specials and netflix have acquired all of comedians in cars, and seinfeld is doing a ‘takeover’ and choosing a bunch of stuff to be on there

*bass riff*

u excite?



Wish they had just spent the $100 million on streaming rights to the show


Never watched ‘Seinfeld’, definitely not arsed with this, give me my indie points.


i AM excite


Got any details about this?


Don’t really like his stand-up, am still excited though


Could I BE any more excited?!


I’ve never watched Seinfeld (watched Curb though), but I’m gonna get on board with this!





You were that big a fan of ‘The Bee Movie’?



none whatsoever


Just gonna loop this and read every post in this thread.


one for @ericthefourth


Seinfeld is the best sitcom. THE BEST

Might watch this later, if only to marvel at how much he and Tony Blair look surprisingly alike these days


it’s on amazon prime at the moment, it’s so weird watching it in HD



I’m doing a full watch through of Seinfeld with the kids right now (we are up to the post larry seasons). Still holds up, and the kids absolutely love it

Will be good to be able to watch CICGC on Netflix too