Seinfeld on Netflix

That’s the trade off for his great taste in hair.

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S03E01 The Note

Watched it yesterday. Skibbi-da-bee.

ya like jazz?

Maybe but the bad kind

What’s the deal with syncopation?

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Watched The Shower Head last night.

Frank when he calls up Jerry’s parents to tell them he’s moving to ‘DEL BOCA VISTA, FLORIDA!’. Gold.


Low flow

Have you seen the ‘del boca vista’ bloopers? :smiley:



Talking of Seinfeld (elsewhere), season 2 is not on Prime!

Think its on All4


I’d rather watch My Family!

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Sure it’s not in with series 1, they are all together on dvd

Fine, whatever Tim!

Just on to the second season of this now, surprised by how much I liked it straight away.

It’s funny how immediately dated so many of the stories are by being based on calling someone at their home and/or leaving a message on their answering machine.

I like how the stories are so slight (I know, show about nothing etc etc), like even compared to most sitcoms where whatever self-contained escapade they get up to in an episode will have some dramatic conclusion, in this it will often just peter out or the episode will end with nothing really resolved. Really like it.

The stand-up bits are pretty naff.

Fancy Elaine loads obviously


lovely, you’ve still got the best to come as well. i enjoy the early seasons but there’s a point where it switches from very amusing to proper lolworthy

The inventor of Gore-Tex passed away this weekend

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