Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Said I was gonna do it… We should probably have a separate thread for this imo.

1hr 45 until I can start the download, might just do it in the morning though.

I’ve watched a few youtube videos so far, and most of what I know atm is that a) the combat is centred around parrying so I’m gonna be dreadful at it and b) it’s got loads of shit that the souls games don’t like stealth and stuff.

Hoping this can be a place to share tips, secrets, etc etc


My copy has been despatched. 1st From game I’m going to properly try to do.


Ahm oot.

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Also, I suppose we should be careful with what we say in here? Like, use your judgement about what is a spoiler and what isn’t.

Have my copy downloaded, trying to decide whether to wait up until midnight to give it a quick go despite the fact I have to be up for 6am tomorrow.

Same here, first one I will be tackling without access to online guides/walk-throughs

As I mentioned in the Souls thread my copy arrived today so had a few hours on it tonight. Really enjoying it so far. Since you’re playing as a specific character rather than an unknown undead the story seems more traditionally told than before with proper cut scenes.

The game doesn’t try and hide any of its systems, in fact it goes out of its way to explain the various combat techniques. Even during the loading screens, there are lots of tips on how to play rather than the usual lore filled item descriptions. There is even a teacher you can train with to practice who you meet as soon as the game starts properly.

In terms of stealth, it’s sort of optional. I’ve been using it to clear places safely but I’m sure once you have the mechanics down going in all swords blazing is a valid approach - from how it seems so far anyway. Also the stealth involves more using the grappling hook to zip around the tops of buildings before jumping down and skewering someone before they’ve seen you, not so much creeping around although there is that too.

Both the things I’ve spoilered you may have seen in previews and you will find out basically once you finish the tutorial but better to be safe for those going in blind.

OK, caved and had a brief go at midnight and first impressions are boy is it fast-paced!

I’m not gonna get on till Sunday at least. Boo.

I don’t really do parrying and I’m allergic to stealth, so this should go well for me. I look forward to standing moodily on rooftops, picking who to mug first, diving it with as much fanfare as possible and getting murderised. Repeatedly.


Should arrive this morning, tempting me away from my research. Will try get an hour in before I go away for the weekend. I listened to the Waypoint impressions podcast and it has got me very excited for it.

Why isn’t this on Switch? Girlfriend’s parents are coming for the weekend and they’ll be occupying the living room.

Looks like Tuesday for me. Maybe Monday evening at a push. I guess you’ll all have finished it by then.

I’m gonna have barely started by then tbh. Solidarity!

Also I’d be surprised if any of these mooks will have finished it by then. This is Fromtown.

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Pfft. Dunno about you “oooh From games are so hard!” goobers but I’m 100% confident that I’m gonna Platinum it in a weekend and then sell it on ebay.


An artist’s interpretation of McG (right) vs what’s coming his way (left, on fire):



No way! I was voted “most likely to be an undead samurai” in my high school yearbook. Can’t argue with those credentials.

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WFH. Going to the shops very soon for this. Can’t see a lot of work getting done



Finding the regular baddies quite straightforward to fight, and the parrying quite simple. Anything bigger than that a total bellend.

Still not sure about it/missing bits about Souls. But I can feel it getting its grappling hooks into me

I met a thing in a cave that has scared the crap out of me, and just destroyed my puny shinobi body. Game seems cool, taking a lot of adjusting away from Souls type play. You are punished a lot more for not reading the enemies and reacting appropriately, but I like that the fights are quite short and frantic, hasn’t felt super frustrating yet.

Started it this evening. Finding the beginning a lot more difficult than I’ve found the beginning of any souls game (bar my first).

I can see there being a big payoff further down the line when you’ve got used to the combat and unlocked a bunch of different skills, though.