Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Considering just grinding to get ALL the skills?


Neither are mandatory tbf. There’s an absolute cheese way to beat the demon

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I think I saw a video of that. I’ll give it a few more goes before resorting to that.

Two mini bosses to go though I think - I’m right in thinking none of the headless or Terror Warrior lads drop beads, right?


Yeah that’s right

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Really enjoyed leading Shigekichi of the Red Guard to the bridge that has the battle going on and having the army lads shoot him and help me with my fight


Hey all. I’ve not posted in this thread but i’ve been reading it since day one. It’s been a source of inspiration :blush:

What a satisfying game this is. Unbelievably difficult, but euphoric when it works. From Software are absolute geniuses. Completed it last week after nearly giving up on both Demon of Hatred and Genichiro/Isshin bullshit double boss.

I’m constantly amazed at how well balanced this battles are. Every boss fight seemed to go down to the wire, with no heals left and a last gasp, desperate swing of the sword, one hit from death and another sweaty palmed attempt.

I managed to record the victories of the bosses mentioned above and upload them to YouTube for a mate who has been keeping tabs on my progress. I’ll post them below if anybody is interested. It’d be nice if they give some hope to those who are still struggling. It can be done. I thought I would never manage it. I reckon I had about 40 attempts on each, easily.

I actually felt I was pretty good in this fight, despite having no heals and barely any health left at the end. Couple of bullshit hit-boxes here and there too. I had the patterns down, just a bit sloppy in the execution.

This final boss fight, I had an absolute shocker in Isshin’s first phase. Almost quit out and started again, but something in the back of my mind said “what if this is the winning attempt?” Whatever that something was, I need to listen to it more often.

FYI - For a cool mental image whilst watching the final boss video, let it be known that there must have been a literal molecule of arsecheek still in contact with the sofa for the last 30 seconds of the fight. Great, great times. I nearly tore my arm off of with the ferocity of the fist pump when the final blow landed.

Magnificent stuff.


So much of it works on, ‘I’ll have one more go just to recover a little self-respect’ and then, ‘I’m getting this, maybe next time I’ll actually do it,’ and then you are sent right back to the first proposition again - it’s one of the most effective gaming compulsion-loops as far as I’m concerned, leading steadily to victory.

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Reckon if I kept up with this a few more weeks I might be able to go for a no-death run. Managed a consecutive Owl father & Isshin no-death double fight the other day (ng3), and I reckon once you’ve got them down you’re sorted.

Not sure how it’d be in a ng run though.

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I feel like some pre-Cambrian jellyfish staring dumbfoundedly at the land-dwellers right now!


Ah. Spoiler issues.

Am I right in thinking I need to do 4 playthroughs for platinum as I didn’t pay any attention to this first time?

NG+ with short ending.
NG collecting 5 LL
NG+ collecting 5 LL.


Needs new tags for each paragraph.

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So Isshin is down. Might be because I’m massively tired but I don’t feel that elated! Maybe because it’s over now?! Dunno. I just seemed to breeze through it without really trying. Had loads of gourds left. Didn’t use prosthetics. First time doing the last phase as well and I find lightning reversals really easy (actually I was kinda secretly hoping it would crop up for that very reason). Got the multiple endings and have seen I’ve spent over ninety hours on it! Almost feels like it’s been a ten hour game to me and I absolutely haven’t had enough of it. Anyway I’ll go for the platinum now just to stick with it a little longer.


I still haven’t completed this bloody game!

got all prayer beads though!

finally beat Owl (Father) after soooo long. It wasn’t even a close fight in the end, funnily enough

did you lads know about the dragon mask that means you can spend skill points on attack strength?! I have that now!

Just the final boss to go


Decided to try out a no-death run in ng+3 (resurrections don’t count). Was doing fine until my controller & it’s temperamental charger decided to disconnect in the middle of the ape fight

fml I’m fuming


I’ve got the mask but I have no idea how many skill points it takes to boost attack strength - the last amount I tried was three and then thought, ‘fuck it, I’ll just get some skills instead’! I didn’t find the last fight too bad at all, but I didn’t go at it so intensely, which might be why.


:scream: Can you download a previous save, or is that cheating?!


It takes 5


Is there much point then?! After you know all the movesets it’s significantly less difficult anyway. And you still get the memories in new games.


Not until you’ve acquired all the skills, really. It’s more of a NG+ (and++ etc) thing where you might have gotten all the skills but still be working towards other stuff.

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Nah will probably just get the Shura ending done with no fuss. Not done it yet