Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Ah, at least you can salvage something from it!

So nearly completed it just now, down to my last shred of health and so was he. Totally forgot there were other items that regain health and that grant you an extra revive. Fucksticks

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I’ve unlocked all the skills so will be very useful in Ng+ to have stuff to buy with them

Was just about to win again and fell off the cliff :frowning:

I finally finished this stupid game today. NG+ is fun to plough through, at least!

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Finally got all the prayer beads. It was the first Snake Eyes! U WOT?! Though I do remember something weird happened then - musta fallen off the cliffs after beating her or something. Anyway, phew! It’s a relief to not have to be careful at all now - can just mindlessly slash away at stuff! Can’t remember the last time I was stealthy anyway to be honest.

So, I went on holiday then didn’t play for another week or so and decided to start again from scratch.

Obviously the previous experience helped a lot but i also reckon more distance from Dark Souls is letting me get into the fighting groove more. Sailed through the early parts, including the minibosses I’d struggled with the first time. Got quite a shock when Lady Butterfly was still like a brick wall. Did eventually manage to get past her without taking much damage.

Genichiro took a lot of time and effort to get past. Funny that his second phase is so much easier than the first.

They really love monkeys in this game. I’m not a fan and found them extremely frustrating. However, looking back it’s probably during the second match that I really started to get the hang of things. Did that classic DS trick of taking something that seems insurmountable and then turning it into a regular enemy. First time I won by grinding him down, running in circles to bait a particular move. By the end of the second I was taking him down in 30 seconds before getting stuck into his pal.

Owl was probably the most enjoyable fight so far. Possibly because I expected another Genichiro style kicking but I actually found him relatively easy. Well, after the other classic DS trick of letting me get one deathblow and half his second healthbar on the very first attempt then not getting a hit in the second time as he pulled out a bunch of absolutely brutal moves he hadn’t even hinted at before.

Getting close to the end now. Just had my arse sliced neatly off by the old Sword Saint for the first few times and finally looked up some stuff about the endings to find that I’ve completely missed out on the opportunity to do any of the alternates because I didn’t cheat early enough. Bah.

Beat the Demon of Hatred last night. Felt quite proud of myself for figuring out the in-story rationale for one weapon being more effective against him.

Only took me about four hours altogether. By which measure, I presume I’ll beat the last boss sometime around Christmas.


Took down the big man last night.

Pretty satisfying in the end. His first two phases are initially overwhelming but you soon get to grips with them. Never really got a handle on his lightning phase. The victorious run was a cavalcade of utterly botched attempts to get a reversal where I would flukily jump through, around or underneath him instead. Lucky I still had a full gourd when I got there.

He was too fast for the old Shinobi axe so went with a nifty jumping on his head when he does the big special move sweeps then mid-air Mortal Draw strat. Big posture and health damage puts him right on the back foot.

Still hopping mad about missing those two prayer beads and seeing how few souls you get for killing standard enemies in NG+ has me wishing I’d done a few more runs through the burning castle bridge to grind out some extra skills. It’s going to be a long time before I can afford any Senpou kicks now.

Been having a lovely time running around NG+ battering the absolute shit out of everyone. Thought I’d try one of the Headless.

Oh dear.

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