Select your breakfast


What you havin love?


Sausages x 2
Hash Browns x2
Scrambled eggs


body builder, no messing, with coffee (black) and toast (brown) and hash browns.




I would potentially add toast and bacon too and then make a bacon sandwich out of them with brown sauce.


Set 1, swap the fried egg for scrambled, throw in a black pudding and some toast please.


Is brown sauce available?


I usually have this but I get rid of the squeak coz it’s too damn much


It had fucking better be


Yes and it’s not watery


why no fried bread pls?


Set 5


Veg breakfast on the left then.

(If not it would been marmalade on two toast)



Instant ban for anyone choosing anything with burger or chips please.


I haven’t had a proper greasy spoon breakfast for ages. Well jel mate.


It’s on the extras menu dw


I like it when the cafe has had beans sat in a pot for fucking ages so most of the bean juice has evaporated and it’s like a stodgy pile of beans instead



in which case bang a couple of slices with my body builder please, ta.


Set five for me fam