Self Defense Family / Drug Church

Nice one. Any info on set times?

Nope, just “show starts at 8” and it looks Ile there’s only one support so they may well be on at 9/9:15?

Oh nice, thanks. I better get a wriggle on then!


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Well that was short? 45mins no encore

For a punk band that’s quite long (they played the same length in Feb)

Nottingham the other night was 40 mins. They played longer earlier this year and it felt a bit short. Great band tho

Yeah I mean it’s just a shame they could pad it out with some of the Paul Walker album

overall I had a good time but being told to mosh and stage dive is a bit much

He didn’t tell you to do anything, he just asked people to look after those who were stage diving :wink:

Oof I sounded a bit negative. I thought they were good just a bit short. How was the opener? I was late due to an hour of travel time