Self Defense Family - Have You Considered Punk Music?



new Drug Church (happy to make this a rolling Patrick Kinlon 2018 thread tbh):


I do like that SDF album, but I still prefer Drug Church, so this is exciting.


album out nov 2nd, they’re touring with Boston Manor starting this weekend


Had my first listen of Drug Church record and confirm it’s very great indeed


Like probably their best yet



Drug Church dates confirmed:

31st January Sunflower Lounge Birmingham TICKETS

1st February Key Club Leeds TICKETS

2nd February Garage Attic Glasgow TICKETS

3rd February Star And Garter Manchester TICKETS

4th February The Cookie Leicester TICKETS

6th February Exchange Bristol TICKETS

7th February Joiners Southampton TICKETS

8th February Boston Music Room London TICKETS

Tickets on sale this Friday.

Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018

headline, I should add


out today lads and it’s RAD


I don’t think it’s been posted yet, so for anyone interested here’s an in-depth interview with Patrick that I just came across.


Yep, got it yesterday - strong album, the guitars sound wonderful.


Enjoyed this.


Loving the Drug Church record. Absolutely flys by.


All of a sudden there’s a new Self Defense Family EP:


Yeah, they do that :joy:


One thing I really respect about this band is the fact that they seem to have about 12,000 different t-shirts across about 20 sites, and all of them are constantly sold out. It’s genuinely quite impressive.


Wearing mine just now actual