Self employed chat and support thread

alright huns, what’s the news? thought a vague chat and support network would be worthwhile.

does anyone even vaguely understand yesterday’s announcements? vaguely thinking about contacting either company i was meant to work for and asking to be furlough’d but expect to be told to do one.

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Vaguely reassured by the offer of support and basing it off tax returns and not needing the full three years if you haven’t been self-employed for the full 3

Stressed by the delay of support until June which fortunately for me will not be the end of the world as I’ve got outstanding invoices to be cleared, but for some people I know this is pretty much game over for them and they’re having to look at moving with family etc.

Thought it was very fucking cheeky that they quoted Universal Credit as the immediately available support and stated £1,800 as the available amount for a person “with a non-working partner and two children” which distracts from how much less you get paid as an individual claimant.

Bit of a weird one for me cos my tax return doesn’t reflect a lot of the work I do, over half of my work is non-taxable for #reasons and doesn’t go on the return so it looks like I don’t earn much

I’ll be OK cos I’ve got a pot of savings (some for rainy day, some was supposed to go towards a first car and some towards our rotting bathroom and those two things are off the table for now) but the other people I work with on the non-taxable work are gonna be hit hard, especially as it’s mostly done abroad and that work has completely dried up for the foreseeable cos of the travel restrictions

Can’t believe I chose this year to pay off my July tax bill in January too

TLDR: hhhhnnngggggghhhhh

Looks like I fall outside of the scope of the financial support measures. I set up my business as a limited company, with me as the sole Director. I therefore don’t qualify as self-employed, and I can’t utilise the provisions for employees.

Wife was made redundant at the beginning of the year, and remains out of work.

I could be properly fucked here lads.

Could you apply for the grants or loans or whatever it was they announced for small businesses? Also I dunno if you pay yourself anything via PAYE but I think that comes under the employee furlough thing

Hope you’re eligible for something :frowning:

ditto, i got paid today and have one more invoice to come so hoping that’ll be enough to see me through.

several people i know have already said they don’t qualify for UC based o their partners’ income. anyone know what the threshold is?

that is properly shit, man. hope you’ll be alright. use the hardship fund if needed!

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ah fuck, that is brutal. i wonder if they’ll consider doing rebates for them.

Doubt it, the website basically says “if you can pay your July installment you still should”

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The grants for small businesses are only available to cover staff wages (or 80% of them rather). I don’t want to take out a loan, because it just feels like I’m adding to the burden in the longer term.

I could potentially furlough, and get 80% of the salary that I’ve been paying myself. However, I’m told that in the event of furloughing myself, I wouldn’t then be able to undertake any fee earning work. Any fee earning work undertaken nullifies the furlough. It would mean I would have to completely shut up shop. This would do me no favours in the longer term - I think that it’s probably best to try and struggle on with significantly reduced income, in the (probably overly optimistic) hope that business picks up again in due course.

That is a shitter, hope work keeps on coming in for you


I’ve been an independent contractor working for this florist since October but no idea if it counts and although I registered it I haven’t had to do a return yet so probably can’t get owt.


Let’s all keep in mind that Rishi Sunak is an ex-banker for a minute.

Anyway, my current situation is it’s my second year self-employed, and I’ve spent much of my earners on setting up my business and buying equipment so I’m not going to get much come June.

Also, any savings I had supported me through January with my mum passing and it being on me to go back to Wales and try and sort out everything. As it stands my mum’s house has a mortgage, bills I’ve npot cancelled and is just standing there and I can’t get to it which is worrying. Also I have less than a year before I have to pay the rest of her mortgage off so I don’t know what I’m going to do. Noone is going to want to buy a house at the moment.


In better news I bought my cat Peggy Lee a chaise lounge for cats photos to come when off the phone


A little bit worried about the “will have to prove loss of earnings” caveat, and that they’re going to use that to screw over a lot of people.

Third time now someone has put the phone down on me!!

this is the content we need right now

Ahh it won’t let me upload the video!

Here’s a link to my IG