Self employed chat and support thread

yep. with a lot of bamf from sunak suddenly about how the self employed are ‘the life blood of the country’


Supposedly another one in the new year too, though how much that will be for by then is anyone’s guess. Bag o crisps maybe

everyone filed? hope people are okay and not too stressed, finally sorted mine after having to sort some errors

Did mine a few months ago when work was quiet just for something to do. Just paid my bill yesterday but as work is still quiet and my taxable income is down on the past few years I’m thinking of applying for the third SEISS payment. I took the first instalment but decided not to go for the second cos work was ok, but looking at my recent income in comparison to other years it’s well down, just haven’t noticed cos I’m not really spending money atm so my bank account looks normal.

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Not yet, gonna do it later but it’s so simple for me that it’s not a major stressor. Then I will negotiate a time to pay agreement (best case)! Yay! Loving 2020/21

On the plus side, I should be able to reduce my payments on account because hahaha fucking hell.

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Getting the dread guys. Gonna start on my books later today


This is part of the problem isn’t it. It feels okay until you realise that the only thing offsetting the loss is social paralysis

Earlier in the year we had a real dread moment that put us both into full depression for a couple weeks after realising a miscalculation with the school. Still feel ill thinking about it now

I’m just about to start a PAYE job having had a ltd company for the last 7 years. Very concerned about whether I’ll be able to reduce payment on account for 20/21 - hoping they will accept that I’m switching to PAYE. Has anyone done this?

Will the PAYE job be the same or less earnings

A bit more, because I’ve had 4 months without work this year.

Edit: or more accurately, without pay - have a couple of unpaid invoices :rage:

It’s basically a given that you can reduce payment on account by filling in the form. The fuckup is if you then earn a lot more and that comes with a fine

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Just done my tax return. Good news for anyone who (like me) used the opportunity to skip last July’s payment on account, and may be anxious about a big bill this month.

According to this page, if you owe less than £30k (I imagine this is most people) you can apply online (self-service) to spread your payments. And you can apply up to 60 days after the debt is due

So relieved to not have to call them in January and spend hours on hold.

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