Self employed chat and support thread

Yes, its probably what you said above.

Do you mean youve paid some of your SEISS grant back to HMRC as an estimate of the tax on it? If you make a payment to your self assessment it will just go againat the next charge.

Also, when did you reduce your July Paymemt on account? Becuase if you did after paying January in full then some of the money you paid in January may be too much and gone aginast the 2nd Payment on account e.g if you weree due to pay £2000 tax for 19/20 in January, then there would payments on account of £1000 for 20/21 due January and July. So would have £3000 to pay in January and £1000 in July.

If later you you thought you were only going to owe 1500 for 20/21, then both payments on account become £750. So only £2750 would have been due in January. But if youd already paid £3000, then then the credit of £250 would go against July payment, so there would £750 due but onlt £500 payable.

If you log in to your account and look at the statements it should show what charges any payment have gone against.

5th seiss grant is starting to open to claims now; little different to the ones before, it’s based directly on how your turnover has been affected

howdy all. typically late to submit my tax return and I’m trying to find just like a simple summary of SEISS grants and whatnot from this year but can’t find it. did yous incliude this on your tax return or can they just sort it out?

Quick Google says it should pre-populate

ah thanks for that

what does it mean tho

HMRC owes me £880.



It will prompt you the figure of Seiss it is expecting you to put in,when you file your return

ahh gotcha, thanks

Late for which year? January is still the deadline right? Please tell me January is still the deadline

Ha oh yeah it is, i mean late to submit stuff to my accountant who asks for it all by the end of Oct.

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Thank fuck, I’m planning to do it in January as I’ve got zero time before then

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I used to as well but mine seem to vary so wildly that I def need a couple months buffer zone so as not to get stung.

If you are employed via an agency on a contract within IR35, that means you are not self-employed,so does that mean either the agency/employer automatically sorts out all your tax paying shit? Or are you just taxed more AND need to sort out your tax return. Have read stuff and still none the wiser

Good news for people like me who are still pretending their tax returns are gonna get done by the fairies

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i was sensible and got mine done last year but weirdly i don’t feel much like paying my tax bill this month :thinking: might just not for a bit.

getting mine sent off today.

hate to be that dude but for the first time in my life they owe ME money

“cannot” :thinking: wonder if ‘cannot be arsed’ qualifies?

Just found out my long term client (9 years) is trying to stiff me out of my final 2 invoices for them.

Don’t have much recourse as they’re based in Asia and it wouldn’t be worth the legal fees to try and recoup the money.

may as well tell them you’re tired and annoyed enough to go through the legal system, just to see if it makes them think twice. if it doesn’t, you haven’t lost anything