Self employed chat and support thread

Just managed to successfully get £1,300 worth of penalties and interest written off, thought that was impossible. :grin: took about 4 months to get a reply to my letter. they approved it on valentines day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Was going to start a new thread but reckon this is the place for it anyway.

Thought maybe it might be useful for people to share resources here too - like what do you use to get organised? Just spreadsheets? I have lots of abandoned spreadsheets and tend to just rely on all the google drive stuff, but I hate the way things get sorted/presented in there.

Thinking of trying out that Notion thing that’s been shared in the ND thread, not sure how decent it is for solo freelance stuff though:

What stuff do you use to feel like a very successful business person

[Citation needed.]

Just google calendar for me really. One thing I started doing years ago was logging dates when i’d sent an invoice off and a reminder 30 days later to chase them if it hasnt been paid.

Most of my projects use some kind of jamboard/concept board type thing which are usually helpful but they can quickly spiral out of control and become a total headache.


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I use Trello for keeping track of projects and deadlines as well as somewhere to stick reminders of bitty bits of admin or important emails I need to send

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I have a “To do this week” list and a “Done this week” list and if you put a certain emoji in the title of the done list it explodes in confetti because I need external validation


Not sure if I’m asking anything here or just writing it down for some reason.

I was self employed up until April 2016, and became self employed again in September 2021. During that time, I have changed address multiple times (obvs), but also changed my NAME and also lost all access to the email account that was connected to my personal tax account, unique taxpayer reference, etc.

I need to register for self assessment for 21/22 by 5 October this year and, and need my old UTR to do this. It’s been a bit of a ballache, for various reasons that you might imagine. But I just phoned up HMRC, gave them no more security details than my old name, DOB and previous address, and they not only read out my UTR to me over the phone but also just changed my address AND NAME on the system. Didn’t ask for any evidence of the name change or any more security questions at all.

How ripe for identity theft is that?

Anyway, hopefully I can get this sorted soon and start paying some sweet sweet tax.



alright mate

love how quickly this escalated

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Couple of bad weeks into a long weekend = ragequit Tuesday

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think they’re relying on the fact that nobody in their right mind would call HMRC unless they absolutely had to or had some sort of veiled threat hanging over them


ain’t that the truth!

Don’t know if everyone clocked during the horror show of the budget, but the IR35 reforms are going…

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