Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time: Era 2

New solo album from Rebecca off of Slow Club.

It’s fucking great and it deserves some attention. I feel bad that it’s come out the same day as Solange.


Always had a soft spot for Slow Club. I’ll definitely check out the album later. Might get a ticket for her Village Underground gig. She’s always great live.

Saw them a few times before their first album (once supported by First Aid Kit in a tiny venue in Southampton), but couldn’t get on with the newer stuff.

It’s not at all Slow Cluby btw (which is a good thing).

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I’ll give it a go when I can then. Thanks Ant (Thant)

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I think your posting style is very good and pleasing


oh this is the music board

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What a kindly man you are x

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She was really fun at her show at the Courtyard in November. Matching outfits and dance routines with the backing singer and the songs really stood up live.

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Yes Ant this is very good thank you and well done

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ah thanks mate <3 tagline pals 4 lyf

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cant believe this one has had no clicks ffs

everyone read this one, i wrote it


this sounds v good. thanks ant
you have a great personality

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Thank you Shrewbie x

Yeah I really like what she’s doing, heard a couple of the singles but not the record yet, will do so later.

As an aside I met her at SXSW when she was playing with Moonlandingz, she was absolutely brilliant and a proper laugh. Hope she does really well with this.

My 5 year old daughter is obsessed with “the best” does the dance routine and everything…
Really looking forward to hearing the album

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You’re not as boring as some people think you are.

Yes I am!

I was at that gig, wished I paid more attention to FAK as I really like them now.

Gave Yeah So a listen for the first time in a long time and thoroughly enjoyed.

Loving Compliments Please - looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks.