Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time: Era 2

I am absolutely buzzing that Denise Chaila is supporting on the date I’m going to. She’s fantastic!


Not arsed about the newest album but I’d like to see her live cos everyone says she’s good. Hope she tours europe soon instead of endlessly circling the island

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Damn you have to be quick off the mark with twickets notifications. Gone within five minutes!
If anyone is selling one/two tickets to Cardiff please HMU

Set up an alert to their twitter feed, not the app. The feed is instant but the app has a lag built in

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But that seems entirely backwards?


Apologies as I realise this isn’t really a ticket selling thread but if anyone is after two tickets for her Bristol show…

I’ve put them on Scarlet Mist but seems pretty slow moving these days. Thought I’d try DiS before I whack 'em on Twickets or wherever.

Absolutely loved her colab with django django - ‘surface to air’ but they’ve teamed up again and it’s extremely :man_shrugging:

Going to the Cambridge show, looks like her first one of the tour. Intrigued to see what’s changed from last year… if anything

Aw, I really like it. It’s a banger!

Good job the babysitter is non-refundable :pensive:

(Obvs these things can’t be helped. Annoying though!)

She was out boozing with Joe Lycett and various famous mates at the Comedy Awards over the weekend which seemed mildly risky during virus season when you’ve got a big expensive tour to start mere days later.

Nah not this. Artists should be able to have a nice time when they get the rare opportunity to do so. Speculating about people’s medical situation isn’t cool either.

It sucks for people who are out of pocket and/or can’t make the new date but that’s just something you have to accept with live events.


Well she’s changing things up at least :man_shrugging:

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This has worked out nicely for me as I’ve snagged a ticket for the new Hull date after being on the DICE waiting list for ages for three of her gigs around this way

I take your point, but

Speculating about people’s medical situation isn’t cool either.

There was none of that at all?

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Fair enough if you don’t read that post as insinuating she probably caught it at the comedy awards

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It was insinuating that, but I think it’s bit of a stretch to put it in such dramatic terms.

“Speculating about people’s medical situation”

Rebecca herself stated she had norovirus. Nobody is gossiping and inventing rumours about things.


This thread has got weird. It’s all a bit police-ey.


I wouldn’t go and see The Police or Sting doing a solo set

Also, I think Self Esteem would probably support Roxanne’s right to be a sex worker if that’s what she chose, and would be more than willing to call out the creepy nature of Every Breath You Take