Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time: Era 2

Whatever the fuck she wants, presumably.


Seems crazy that the album is not out till October.

I like the artwork. She looks great.

(Sorry I didn’t mean to reply to you shinymcshine)


I make @avery turn the radio off anytime the song comes on so I’ve managed to only hear it all the way through twice. It’s a good song but spoken word tracks will inevitably get skipped after the first few listens of an album anyway and even the best songs are ruined by being put on a radio playlist.

Listening to the radio during the week days is a fools game.


What don’t you like about it?

Love the new single, so damn promising for the album

Cowboy hats are passé

Proper earworm spent the entire morning humming the chorus to myself.

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It looks like a Getty stock image

@Yvash obviously she can do what she wants but that doesn’t make it good art, something she has previously achieved

we look at very different stock images


Good interview…


Not a huge fan of either of the singles she’s put out from this one so far, but still really pleased she seems to be getting more press and attention this time round than for the first one which seemed to fly under the radar a little bit. Happy for her.