Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time: Era 2

She Reigns is like a Bizarro World Prince slow-jam and I cannot get enough of it.

Absolutely into this record.

Was never really fussed with Slow Club after their first album, mainly cos I loved the ramshackleness of their early stuff. I’ve a few slight reservations as sometimes I think her lyrical style hasn’t really moved on in ten years, but kys a minor thing really - the production is really excellent and her vocals are just freaking great.

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I forgot to go to this concert. Bought a ticket, paid for it etc. Forgot to go. Idiot.


Wow, I thought I’d done bad - she played five minutes from my flat the other week and I didn’t go…

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Self Esteem at The Village Underground. Really like the album but I thought it would be a bit crap live. Turned out to be great fun. Rebecca seemed the happiest I’ve seen her on stage compared to the many Slow Club gigs I went to over the years.

Just remember, yerself is steam.

That was my “review” of The Village Underground gig on the “Last night’s gig was” thread.


MATE. her manchester gig was the best thing ive seen in ages. best since janelle monae last year, so pretty pretty great

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Got her autograph on a set list from Django Django’s Rough Trade East in store early last year (She joined them for her part in Surface to Air) - knew nothing about her then but she seemed really nice

This is probs gonna be in my top 5 of the year. Absolute magic.


Yep. This is a totally unexpected great LP.


I suspect she’ll be fighting with The Japanese House and Weyes Blood in my final top 5.

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adds to to-listen list

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Oh wow this Japanese Housr record sounds lush


Great record. Only gave it a listen because of the “Album of the Month” thread. Listened to it a couple of times thinking this voice sounds real familiar before Mrs PB told me about the Slow Club link.

I had no idea Slow Club had split up.

Some more tour dates in October are onsale now (including Edinburgh - yay!)

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Just got a ticket to the October London date. Hopefully I remember to actually go to it this time…


What was that Slow Club track that 6Music hammered a few years back?

It sounded like Texas!

Oooh :blush:

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I have just got into this album (not sure how I missed this thread earlier in the year), what a treat!

Great to hear she delivers live. Gonna grab tickets for that Edinburgh date when I get paid this week.


Saw her at glasto and she was a highlight.

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Haven’t seen her performance on the iplayer :sob: