Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time: Era 2

Sorely tempted by this, but would involve (a) leaving the house in the next 20 minutes and (b) chancing a one-hour-each-way train journey for tickets that might not be available by the time I get there :smiley:

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In Bristol last night it was really noticeable that Girl Crush got a much more muted reception than all the Prioritise Pleasure tracks. Might have just been where I was stood but lots of people didn’t seem to know it, when they’d been singing every word up to that point

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Philistines :grin:


Enjoyed Cambridge last night. Left before the encore but didn’t feel like I missing much. Still, a good show, strong performance. The new track (Mother?) with the outfits was very Eurovision though.

Was very surprised by how old the crowd was. Was expecting it to be fairly student heavy but way more over 50s than under 20s. I felt like a whipper snapper.

In Bristol there were a lot of families with children.

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Interesting, didn’t see any kids last night.

better than it being Just Kids


I have a spare ticket for Hammersmith this Friday if anyone wants it. Standing, face value £28.15, e-ticket which I can email across.

The 6Music Dad caps were probably selling like hot cakes then!


Shout out to all the other husbands and boyfriends here in Hammersmith tonight

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got a spare for manchester tonight if you want it? PM me babes!

Argh ffs


Literally was sat at home playing a computer game, hope it was awesome