Self fulfilling prophecy

This is going to be an incredibly successful thread.

A plethora of replies, and at some point some of those replies will be about how good a thread this is.

It’s looking even less successful than the diary thread I started yesterday right now.


Really good thread this

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The first girl I ever kissed was called Mette.

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That would be a difficult name to live with I imagine.

I once met a Theresa Green.

I worked with someone called Theresa once and one bloke would always say Theresa green to her.

So there you go.

Friend of a friend’s name was Lynne Seed.
She married a bloke whose surname was Doyle.
She didn’t hyphenate for obvious reasons.

Mrs Doyle

I’m just about to email a Mette. I wonder if it’s the same one

OOOOO lynne. ya fookin doyle

She has a very english surname. I looked her up a minute ago and it seems like she had a nice Christmas.

Exactly, it’s bad enough if your surname isn’t Green, so imagine the life T.Green must have lived?

Is this true?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Perhaps

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A living hell, masosm.

Dairy thread?

FB screenshot


Good thread this


I went swimming with a girl called Mette once.

This is the register your experiences of Mettes thread, right?

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That’s just unearthed a memory of my dad saying that about a family friend, all the fucking time.