Self imposed work uniforms of the over-50s

Anyone ever noticed this?

People over 50 who work in certain sectors - mainly local authorities and former state-owned utilities I’ve noticed but maybe others - have a uniform that they all wear even though it isn’t required.

The uniform is black or dark blue polyester trousers/skirt with a pale blue or pale light purple polyester shirt. Plain dark blue/black tie optional. They wear it every day.

Can this be real?

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The fuck are you talking about?


They love a Berghaus jacket, do the over 50s

i don’t imagine you have much dealings with these sectors to be fair ant

That’s true, sorry Smee

especially true in publishing, actually. everyone over fifty wears a shirt and smart trousers with crappy clarks slip ons, despite not being required to do so. sometimes they’ll wear a tie too.

Probably stopped giving a shit about what you young no-marks think about them years ago. Now they just wear the same thing every day because it’s easier than having to think about it.

They’re making you cunts who think about what you wear to work look like absolute mugs.


They probably love a Brewer’s Fayre carvery.


One of the lads from new business wore a pink shirt last week. A pink shirt! Oh, the shabs they had.

They’re only human.


Does anyone else have their own work uniform? I am considerably under 50 but I have a pretty standard way of dressing for work. It convinces me I am a professional who knows what he’s doing.

Did you plan this reply or was it off the cuff?


Took the photo of the sleeve ages ago, was just waiting for a suitable cuff link before posting it.

what a mean thing to write on your birthday card


Six months early, as well. Shower of cunts here, honestly. I’m going back to my old job.

btw that shirt is really really not the kind of shirt described in the OP.

I used to try and straddle the whole “business casual” line at work

Lots of people do it ok - other people dress proper smart in nice suits and look good

Lots of other people just look like school kids coming home from school on a day when they’ve had PE

I decided a while ago to just dress how I usually dress at work. No one’s pulled me up on it and I much prefer it

I wear the same shirt every Friday.
Whenever I work at the weekend, I turn up in jeans and converse.

Does that count?

I appreciated this joke, @sadpunk

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