Self-Improvement Thread

Hi all,

I need to work on myself, I’ve said this in the past but I keep relapsing into bad habits and choices. In a conscious effort to try and change that, let’s have a thread detailing tips and anecdotes for self-improvement you may have (as while I would like inspiration, I don’t want to make the thread all about me.)

I will however go first: yesterday, after much struggle to get the words out, I told my “inner child/self” that I will be ok. I don’t know how much I really believe it at the moment but it felt like a big step.

Today I feel shot for having drank too much again last night, so to try and calm myself down from the inevitable panic attack I told my manager I was going to be late, did some (DDP) Yoga, and decided booze is probably not a good idea rn, so I’ve set myself the challenge of not drinking this weekend. Shouldn’t be too hard as I’m planning on just watching wrestling/packing my things (-the cause of this huge anxiety I have rn) and I have no friends here so I can’t give myself some lame excuse to drink.

Now you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Should probably go without saying (and isn’t as much of an issue these days) but this is obviously a safe-space, non-judgemental thread

DDP Yoga sounds life-changing from all the testimonies, really intrigued by it. Let me know how you get on with it eh x

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IVe been doing the one disc I had my mate burn for me off and on for almost a year now, it’s great… when I remember to do it :wink:

Do you feel better for it when you do get round to it?

Going to continue working on reducing “should” language in my inner monologue to give myself more of a break. Hopefully this will benefit my anxiety too.

Also learning that I probably have Asperger’s, or at the very least have a number of autistic traits means I’m going to try to be more forgiving about things I find difficult, continue to work on lifestyle adjustments to compensate for these difficulties and hopefully be less of a grumpy pain in the arse as a result.


Yes, absolutely. I’d done some restorative yoga before anyway so was already aware of the benefits mentally, DDP’s thing are workouts though so also there to help physically

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AH yeah, I was diagnosed with bi-polar recently as a result of having ADHD as a child. Fun!

(credit to German health system who diagnosed this pretty confidentially almost immediately, not that I’m ragging on the NHS because I know how stretched they are)


Need to stop stressing about work; I’m a fucking wreck some days.


I need to find a way to reduce my baseline anxiety levels. Thinking about getting really into scalp massages.

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If using a jar of passata or pasta sauce, after emptying the contents into the pan pour a bit of water in the jar put the lid on and give it a shake. Then pour this into the pan and there’s no waste and you’ve loosened up the sauce a little.


See I did this last night but I think I used a little too much water, be careful people!

Hey severed, have you considered trying to give up alcohol completely for a longer period? I ask because I myself am absolutely rubbish at applying any kind of moderation to my life, but I find complete abstinence much easier to manage. Just a thought?

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Yeah you just need a couple of tablespoons at most to loosen up those stubborn bits of sauce.

I’ve done month long stints in the past yep, and maybe I’ll build back up to that, but I need to set myself realistic short term goals atm

Fairly enough, was just asking because it works for me to set myself a big challenge to work towards and have an all or nothing approach rather than relying on myself to apply moderation to my decisions. The day I actually learn moderation is the day I’ll crack all my problems! Good luck with it.

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The bigger (biggest?) one is learning to like and with myself tbh :confused:

trying to get better at the basic stuff like switching my phone off at night, making my bed in the morning and hoping that spreads into me having more discipline in general in doing the stuff that i wanna do and managing my time better and feeling more in control of my life


This is why you’re (joint) user of the (last) month.


Who won for March?