Self-Improvement Thread

I got an app called MoodKit, I didn’t really follow through with it, but it seemed like a good why to establish good habits, might try it again. Need to really get a handle on my attention span, stops me enjoying anything, seems to be a critical window each day if I don’t spend too much time on the internet I’m quite productive, when I get home I read or watch something and actually pay attention, days where I do too much Internet early on are a complete write off, I try and do something but reach for my phone and click refresh every minute, might try and give up dis as it’s probably the most addicting


good point. 1m

It’s still us for a week or two mate. Woo hoo!

Oh god yeah this is a big one for me

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Feeling quite good today because I got up at a reasonable time even though it’s my day off. I will probably go for a walk later.

I probably should start doing some kind of yoga/exercise to help with back pain.

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that’s good to hear! I need to do the same.

(Although, aware everyone is different, but therapy is helping me personally.)

I was going to make a joke about how DDP yoga sounds like something to do with wrestling then I looked it up and it is

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haha :smiley:

yeah, stands for Diamond Dallas Page, ex-wrestler and an all-around good guy. He’s literally saved lives with it.

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Just watching a quick clip on it, it’s interesting how it seems to be a development of stuff like Charles Atlas’s original stretching / body-resistance stuff from 100 years ago.

According to several stories and claims, he was at the zoo watching a lion stretch when he thought to himself, “Does this old gentleman have any barbells, any exercisers?..And it came over me…He’s been pitting one muscle against another!”

I guess there’s nothing new under the sun but it can obviously be effective, I should look into something like that (and get back into running).

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yeah exactly the whole point of it is “dynamic resistance” and using your body only, using similar principals to yoga (Breathing techniques especially)


:smiley: yeah, kinda

Having a massive crisis at work atm, which in turn is making me feel totally shit about myself outside of work. So I know the only way to improve myself here is by finding a new job, but this is causing anxiety of a different kind.

Then there’s the pressure of parenthood and all that entails, the money worries ect…

So started not drinking on work nights, and this is going rather well, spending less money and the associated benefits of cutting down alcohol consumption. Looking at getting out on my bike as this is really good for my MH, but the weather recently has not been too clever. These might seem small inconsequential changes, but they’re a small step in the right direction.

Yeah this is a bit ranty but it’s good to offload on you lot sometimes.


that’s what this thread is for!

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also setting a goal to lose weight
not cos i care that much about my weight but cos having a clear target will hopefully make me exercise more and eat better which makes me feel better generally


I also need to do this

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here’s a thing right. My relationship has just ended pretty much on the basis that “things aren’t going to change” with me or us. So I guess I have to go prove that wrong now?

BP club?

haha and yeah, I’m doing a lot of that currently

I’m really struggling with focus at work at the moment which is giving me real anxiety. I know that probably what I need to do is have more of a system when I plan properly, and then carry out that plan, which will give a real sense of forward momentum and achievement…but it feels like such a bit task to even begin do all that, that I end up treading water and feeling like shit for it.

I’m extraordinarily forgiving of myself in almost every aspect of my life, maybe too forgiving. All except for one specific and monstrously complicated area (a short but turbulent failed relationship - which is unsurprisingly the root of my depression). I have to constantly remind myself that when I was at fault it was always as a result of naivety and never spite or malice.

I’m getting better and better at stopping picking this over but it’s hard and there are triggers everywhere. Partly small town syndrome also just my mind being a bastard to me.

Much more positively I’m learning to play the drums. Started sometime in January and I seem to have a natural aptitude. So I’m definitely self-improving there.