Self Inflicted Minor Irritations

Have trod on and undone my left shoelace 4 times today.

  • I do this too, it’s a minor irritation you’re right
  • Double knots, you fool!

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Now you do one

Trimmed a toenail slightly too far back yesterday




My headphone cable plugs in both at my phone and at the headphones and I often kneel down to do something and then catch the wire on my knee, unplugging the cable at the headphone end

  • !!!
  • Omg so annoying

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So annoying. The very slight constant pain


When people tell you your shoelaces are undone

  • Didn’t notice that, thanks
  • Obviously i can tell when my laces are undone :rage:

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For the pair of laced shoes you wear the most often

  • I leave the laces tied, then simply slip the shoe on and off
  • I tie and untie the laces everytime
  • Don’t tie them, tuck them in or something
  • I’m a carefree hippy and don’t own any shoelaces

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Drink more water

Well I did notice but I still think people only say it out of genuine concern that you’re going to trip up.


Tripped myself up with this yesterday, headphones crashed to the ground and I felt like a bloody FOOL.

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You bozo

Bozo by name, bozo by nature

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. Can you take them to court?

i recently gave into the Snag tights adverts on Facebook. not worn the tights themselves yet but wore the shorts they do for preventing chafing and they’ve been v comfortable - i’m still wearing them now!

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caffeine addiction

Woah what? Just me?!

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Looks that way, sorry :wink:

I used to tuck, but then I got old and figured that just tucking the laces was a thing for younger, more attractive people.

Also, the lace ends always work themselves into whatever is the least convenient/comfortable place for them to be inside the shoe and again, I’m old and don’t have time for that shit any more.

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Amateurs. Velcro fastened shoes all the way.

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What if you have to run to grab a train?