Self-interested mother fuckers

Like the woman who started work and I had the misfortune to walk to Tezzas with who I know everything about and the only thing she knows about me is my name.

Where do they get off, eh?

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What did she get at sco’s?

We split there as I pretended that I needed something from upstairs. Guess she know that about me as well, needed something from upstairs. Although it is not true.

What’s upstairs?

Clothes, electronics, some but not all homeware, games, DVDs, CDs and cafe. Plus click and collect.

It normally refers to the upper floor of a building from the one which the person speaking is on.


BUt that’s not important right now.


How long was the walk?

Without Bernice 9.5 minutes. With Bernice 12.

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Ah right, yeah. Makes sense. Cheers.

For example kitchenware is downstairs, as are books and stationery.

She sounds awful

Sounds a bit like the Clapham Junction ASDA in that regard

She is. The only good about her is that she is a lesbian (she told me) and previously we had the least diverse workplace you could imagine.

Is that next to the Lidl?

I don’t think so, no. I haven’t been there for nigh-on four years now though.

I’ve been on many 1st dates like this.

Would have been about 12 years for me, as my friends moved out of Simpson Street (more like Battersea) then.

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Walking to supermarkets? You might need a change of strategy.

This thread is only worthwhile for the Airplane! reference.