Self-proclaimed 'Hardest Geezer' running the length of Africa

What unbelievably daft things have you done recently?

Finally, a GeoWizard Extended Universe.

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Doesn’t look how you’d expect

Me. The self proclaimed hardest geezer. About to get held in a Congo gulag before being ripped apart limb by limb and eaten.

With my reputation?


On day 102 I was separated from the boys & the support van after some impassable roads in the planned route.

There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do

I do hope he managed to find some time to do some things he never had.

Ooh ooh.

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didn’t tom cruise break him out of prison in mission impossible fallout

Big ole load of didn’t happen in this


real boys, real stories

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Memoirs of a geezer


Not just for the boys, but additionally with the boys

Geezers need excitement
If their lives don’t provide them this, they run across africa
Common sense, simple common sense


Only the second worst twitter Russ, impressive going


I dont remember signing up to do this! Oh well, off to Lesotho I go

He’s a fucking arsehole. The more he reinforces stereotypes the more his audience will lap it up. The more shit he makes up the more followers he’ll get. Dickhead.


Is running in the heat not even worse with a massive beard??

Thank goodness for French speaking Harry, is all I’ll say.

Harry would be a nice name to hear in a French accent

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Sorry but there’s no way someone called Russ is a hard geezer.

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Aesthetically, yes