Self Releasing Your Music



Yeah think I will. Nothing to lose! I would imagine they would be open to this kind of thing as they’re pretty non commercial. Cheers.




Bandcamp is definitely a great tool. although i haven’t used it from the musician’s side (yet anyway), it always strikes me as the greatest internet-age innovation for the DIY musician, and it’s a lot of fun to explore as a consumer. stick something on there, share the link around with friends and family, stick a few relatively specific genre-type tags at the bottom and a few people might stumble across you organically now and then. if you’re doing some proper promo on top of that then cool (i have absolutely no idea about that sort of thing though)


I’ve been doing this for a couple of years (self-releasing singles) and released my first album earlier in the year through DistroKid. (I also have a Bandcamp page.) I don’t gig so it’s just online plugging. As has already been said, Twitter is probably the best forum to find like-minded folk and people who are into similar music, some of whom become fans of yours. I’ve had radio-play on local BBC Introducing since I started, and also smaller DIY indie stations, but haven’t really gone down the promo route chasing blogs and reviewers because they all say they’re inundated and it seems a lot of work for small return.

I had 100 CDs made up for about £140, I think, and have sold maybe 50 of them at £8 a pop. When you look at it that way, I’ve more than covered the outlay of having them made. I haven’t covered the recording costs of making the album though - probably still over a grand short there… But it’s enough of a return to keep me engaged in it as a hobby and keep it fun and worthwhile.

Good luck with it all.


And, crucially, like your stuff enough to pay for it and for you to receive a fair cut of the proceeds.

Whilst for most Bandcamp is never going to be a huge money spinner, you can certainly utilise it if you’re popular enough to have a steady few quid each month to offset costs and to invest in your equipment and stuff. It’s a superb platform.


Record labels are pretty much caput now right?