Selfie thread for a Friday (with a twist)


You dont need to post a pic of yourself. Post any photo you’ve taken that represents your day.



Though I am doing ping pong and beer with some friends after work.




On my way to the big smoke


Aw we had a night out doing that last night that I missed.


Loving all the train shelf action


Let’s hope it’s not PAT testing day with that iphone cable, eh?


This is our 3rd time in a couple of months. I’m shit and haven’t won a game yet, but it’s good fun and we play during happy hour so you can get a decent pint for less than £3 in the northern quarter.


that is a magnificent cat :hearts:

(whoops, meant to be @DarwinBabe)


Yeah ngl I bought a new racquet and had been practising and was talking about this all week so cant believe I missed out. Found out there’s an old table in our basement at work tho so gonna start a club.


Yep and he’s gonna be on my tummy all day :hugs:


i am extraordinarily jealous!


Travelodge breakfast!




There’s always one person who rocks up and turns out to be a pro isn’t there? :smile:


Will stay here all day if possible

(It’s not possible)


Part 2:


Think someone’s done a sick on your granola m8