Selfie thread - Profile edition


I’ve seen very few sides of yer faces. Show me a profile shot dis? I’ll do mine after i’ve shaved my head tonight so you can maximum deaths-head-skull looking xylo.


I look like a gargoyle or boglin in profile


everyone believes this about themselves. this is why i thought we could try and get past our fears together


I’ll give this a go!


i reckon you have a well handsome profile bammers


absolutely not


Haircut tomorrow thank christ


can i just say i’m a fan of your glasses thewarn. they are the sort i would buy if/when i needed them


you can have these ones when I’m done with them



I really do have the worst profile, it’s grotesque.



Fucking massive head


you have hair colour reminiscent of Nathan For You*

*this is a good thing.

also good straight 'burns


woah you look way more ‘metal’ in profile that’s awesome


we ALL think this


the hair is out of control :frowning:


same! my profile is vile.


i would watch you absolutely trash an Ibanez with hot humbuckers on stage


new glasses? or have i just never really looked at them before