Selfie thread - Profile edition


Hmm, we should measure.


Standard profile.

Friday selfie profile


this is the basis for a thread of which dreams are made




The flip chart animated Keith face is sickening.


i quite like it. i was going to somehow work it into pacman


also why do all dissers have fucking stylish specs?




If its any consolation I feel I have a small head

Which is also annoying


perhaps dis averages as perfectly normal?




Yes that is 90s smash hit board game Dream Phone on the bookshelf


this thread is making me very uncomfortable


Both sides of my head


You look a bit like young Meryl Streep in that first pic.


Bonus other side / eat the cat


I’m awaiting the Street Fighter / tournament style photoshops that this thread has been set up for.


Because, I imagine, we all got 2-for-1 at our respective high street opticians.

Or we’re just stylish and short-sighted?


What the fuck are you pointing at?


I’m not posting a picture but I look basically like a combo of you and @sadpunk - I also have a very ‘strong’ brow, yours is the closest I’ve ever seen to my forehead shape.