Selfie thread - Profile edition



Wowza. Private landlord is it?


well i only have one. obviously.


Is it easy to make cool animations like this, I would like to be able to?


sure just make individual images then upload them on here

reorder the pics and change the timing etc


thanks Bam! If I am successful you may see a few in the future


Fucking hell that was difficult


Thanks @Bamnan


Sorry mate!


I wish!!

Yep! The art was great but I found the atmosphere really stressful due to the staff :pensive:

Just realised these don’t actually show my profile, so here you go:

You can just make out the kitten sleeping in the background :smiley:


Took my standard lift selfie before seeing the thread :frowning: here’s semi-profile + tiny child umbrella


your selfies are always the best


wickedgood troos <3


I got dressed in the dark :unamused:




glasses club just keeps on giving today


oh pshaw. that jacket is :fire::fire:


Straight after getting woken up by someone on the train like an old man


the shirt/jacket combo is amazing

I would have never considered putting the two together. probably because I couldn’t pull that look off.


we should try and orchestrate a combo lift selfie one week :heart_eyes: