Selfie thread - Profile edition


Your t-shirt looks cool :+1:


Thanks I got it at the Radiohead show in Philadelphia




Bonus Cillit Bang in the background


Holy shit very iamwiggy in this


Me in profile. Hairline not so good, but no complaints about the rest of it.I was convinced that I had some kind of double chin going on before I took this photo, but check out that jawline!


lookin’ good!


Cheers Bam. It seems that this is my “good side”. Profile Selfies every week, yeah?


Pyjama and records morning with the bub.

I think @Keith and I may have been separated at birth.


I don’t remember this picture - which one am I?


there are quite a few dis doppelgangers


Who’s who then


def not gonna say coz i don’t want either party in any of the cases to be offended



totally fair


Theo & Discobot?


@discobot and @rockbot. Shhh. They don’t like to hear it though.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.




Your hair, man. Your hair.


Keeping it horizontal (sorry for jacking your style @Kallgeese)