Selfie thread - Profile edition


ahah, where’s that crab rock video when you need it


getting a Simon Neil vibe




T shirt is this BTW, not morrisey apologism


Really old glasses. Getting some new ones in a week or so


whose that? yer man who sang “GOLD! Always believe in your soul?” ?!


i see



woah that dude is a right metaller!


aww look at his wee happy face


What happened to Juke?


I wouldn’t have maybe picked that picture, but he is an incredibly handsome man, as well as warm yet shy and quiet.


i wanted bam to appreciate how metal he can be. let’s just not discuss his lyrics eh


those trousers are anything but shy!

I’ll take this as a compliment though :wink:



size o’ that fuckin cranium, jesus




very very pleasing hair colour shift


It definitely is.

He dresses loud on stage but generally he’s so sweet and quiet.


yeah I am a pretty lazy lyricist this is fair, hence why I write a lot of instrumental stuff these days


would ruin my entire mystique if any of you saw me side on