Selfie thread - Profile edition


this is ace :smiley: i feel like being brave is paying off for everyone. also weirdly allows much more insight into hair colour than face-on




Actually my nose is bigger but whatever, I’ll take what I can get with flattering comparisons.


I love you


I went for black and white in a vain, vain attempt to make it more palatable


we stan an indie jesus


actually you and @roastthemonaspit share profile traits you know. this is lovely.


sorry what’s wrong with this??


aww, I love me too :slight_smile:


also you realise you’re pretty much never going to go bald right? #baldsense


@xylo we can form a supergroup! I’ll be that metal guy and you can be Ed from Radiohead!


would listen, tbf


wonder who else is a secret musician lookalike


Fucking hell my hairline!


thewarn can be chris de burgh if he’s not too busy skating.


great face, phwoar drying rack.


Lady in Eddddddddddddd!

(cos Ed always sings his own name in Radiohead songs innit)


proper freaked out how much I look like my da from the side


like Kanye. “ED. OH BABY.”


show us.