Selfie thread - Profile edition


how close have your chest hair and beard gotten in the past? i have the same setup and i swear i could quite easily let it become one connected concept


ah man that’s a dead charming voice!

So sophisticated :star_struck:


people from manchester are well good


Couple of inches


imagine if I just went round the UK and talked to people with different accents, I’d have the time of my life!


My lack of earlobes and hairline is really apparent from the side it seems. I am however very happy with the back part of yesterday’s haircut…


TIGHT lines on that hair my dude. tip your barber


Noticeably thinning on top!


Not profile but here I am enjoying the summer and auditioning to be the third member of Autechre


nah that’s just very light hair




Fuck, you look very like my ATD Séan! Did a proper double take there.


It’s a great job. I always do, tenner note for the haircut, £2 coin for the tip jar.


You’re very sweet. I’m not going in to it though


It’s just Rich, the fat lad




:smiley: @weeber


Short hair, do NOT care


Fucking hell! I mean great work and all that, but…


you fuckin dreamboat