Selfie thread - Profile edition


“He has the sloping brow and cranial bumpage of the career criminal”


Messed up my ponytail today of all days, a bit too low and it looks weird :confused:


Both my idiot cats went out in the rain


More like Fripp & Eno.


What I lack in chin is apparently made up by massive ear lobes! Universal balance is restored.


I was thinking exactly that


oh to be young and attractive


heads are amazing aren’t they?

how come they can be so different :smiley:


Should have shaved my head for this.


great head!


tell you what taking a profile selfie is not that easy


Thanks Bam! You’re rocking a fine head of hair these days I must say!


It’s fucking hard. So many badly cropped photos of my bonce.


that’s true but you’ve cultivated a look of purpose that I’d almost go as far as to call iconic


white t, shaved head, beard, intelligence specs


really pleasing photo this


I posted the Mr Burns like as a joke but I really do have a sloping brow compared to everyone else here.

Am I a neanderthal or something?


the bald/shaved headed DiSers really are the best


plus you get Mistersteve and Tillance!


this is v cool though, if you grew out your mustache you’d look super Narcos