Selfie thread - Profile edition


brb shaving my head


absolutely brill effort. i can now make a 3D printed dingaling


it’s basically a summer of love hippy festival ponytail though. which is AWESOME.


It IS my dream to have my own herd of hippos…


Just thinking you had a good neck tone

and then thought about band called the Necktones


i envy the smooth chest. i would wear tshirts/vests like that all the time if i didn’t have a thatch


i cannae decide who you remind me of in profile but it’s someone famous.


less escobar more


It’s evened out by not being able to grow a proper beard


naw it still counts, it’s just kind of gently german, which can’t be a bad thing


Bill Bailey? I used to get that a fair bit when I had a goatee.


gaaah, I do not enjoy profile shots. Of myself obvs, yours are great :heart:


oh no does this mean that you won’t be posting in the selfie thread this time? :neutral_face:


it MIGHT be bill


Haha!! I would love to join in. I just really can’t do selfies :grimacing:


you’ll need to wait for the ‘back of the head edition’


Christ my head is huge tho. I hate when the hairdresser shows you the back of your head,


everyone seems really certain they have a massive head on this board. does that in fact mean that we all have normal sized heads?