Selfies (middle finger edition)


oh shit - I thought it was Neil Morrissey.


This is a powerful look and I am envious of it.


That is a SPOTLESSLY clean mirror.


love that jumper


Thanks. I felt it was a brave choice when I bought it - it’s not really like anything else I own. But the amount of compliments I get wearing it makes me think I should have a whole wardrobe like this.


Thanks boss! blushes


You too can emulate it by wearing a large scarf and and staring intensely at the camera!


I get that a lot, though usually only when I poke myself in the eye.


Bournemouth Beach

(Middle finger off-camera)


Thank you eps! I have @xylo to thank for that with his dirty mirror shaming. Cleaned toothpaste of it this morning, like, straight away


How are you all such fackin DREAMBOATS


I was more concerned your expression indicated what you’d done with your middle finger.

POTW Nominations 07/12/18 - 14/12/18

New flat selfie!


Quite enjoy the themes and how they date the selfies, useful if any of us get kidnapped


fucking hell


Bonus festive content.


Waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in


No middle finger cause I’m on a bus and I have weird middle fingers. But here I am on my way to a work Christmas do :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

You all look adorable trying to be grumpy and tough btw.


This was me yesterday!


I love your outfit!! Sparkly :sparkles: