Selfies (middle finger edition)


He is so cute and looks so much like you :heart:


I’ve just accepted that your wife is my long lost twin and you’re my brother in law :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you for your attention to detail! I’ve changed my mind though. As fond as I am of dropping a c-bomb, I know some people don’t like it so to avoid any unpleasantness I’ll leave things as they are. Nothing to see here people.





hungover in a foodcourt


There’s one called gif maker and then sometimes have to use one called gif mini to get the file size down.


Spent Saturday at Thomas Christmas world in Didcot with my nephew


Subtle because im supposed to be tutoring (on a pencil run)


Trout Mask Replica replica :grinning:




Double value! (that is dots, right? Very long thumb there :+1:)


Trying out a Robert Smith thing, or beaker from the muppets


it is! and he does have long thumbs, I am not surprised about this.