Selfri fieday?


Selfie yourselfie immediately

@colinzealuk GO


Quizzical, tired and morose


having a quick paidy at work with shit hair and broken glasses.

Happy 2k18!


I’m in my new fave t-shirt - oversized, contrast colour block sleeves. It’s so comfy.

I really need a haircut.

All purpose spring/summer clothes thread

Going to wait until I can get Boris in shot, or at least that massive gong.


I am now 1 week past my 6 weekly haircut reminder and the is causing great distress



You are allowed a day selfie and a night selfie.


New glasses - a bit ‘hip’ vs my regular style, but I think I quite like them.


Why me?


They’re nice man! They suit you you enormous hipster.


You look a bit like our friend Ryan here


FYI: he’s v handsome




I like the cut of Ryan’s jib


starting to let the beard really grow out. Feels right


Feeling a bit shit and ready for some time off.

Either way, here’s my face.


I like them :+1:


It’s not his jib but his fiercely sharp cheekbones that will cut you


Strong leather jacket game, here


Alright neegan


I need a haircut/tidy