Sell a (recent) album in 10 words or under


Recent = last few years I guess, but I’ll probably stick to 2017

Arca - Arca

Spectral spanish-language ambient pop/experimental electronica with a horror vibe.


Devendra Banhart - Ape in Pink Marble

Venezuelan freak folker gets his sad-lounge-synth-funk on.


just read my reviews, they’re called “shite or brill”


Brand New - Science Fiction

Looks like that’s them done now, eh?


Alvvays - the new one

impeccable guitar pop tunes Liam Gallagher would pretend to hate


Kasabian - For Crying Out Loud

Leicester band troll liberal snowflakes in need of roofing repairs.


Rehashing my old War on Drugs #hottake


i like sultans of swing but i dont like war on drugs. at least i thought i didn’t till i read that.


It worked!

(though really WoD stretch their songs out to three times the length of Sultans of Swing…)


Toby Driver - Madonnawhore

Majestic goth-folk ballads


Oxbow - The Thin Black Duke

Hyper-literate MMA fighter howls over melodic avant noise rock.


Best of the Beatles, £5 ono, DM me


Everything Everything - Fever Dream

Liberal lefty anxiety disco for the nadir of our times


This makes me want to check it out :ok_hand:


The system works!


A crow looked at me: Death is real


I can’t imagine you liking Everything Everything unfortunately


I cant quite recall who they are but vaguely remember disliking them!


The National - Sleep Well Beast

Not listened to it yet.