Selling a car



Anyone done this recently? What’s the best way to sell a second hand motor these days? Auto Trader? Ebay? Facebook? AN Other?


You could get more money if you sell privately but if you value your time you’ll use


about to do this meself so will report back on successes


Alright James Corden


Pardon? I don’t get this reference.


he is known for using his vast wealth to buy any car


Ah I understand, thanks friend. I was just organically saying that thing about saving you time despite not necessarily getting you the most money as legitimate advice.


Seems to be the only thing it’s socially acceptable to sell in the full knowledge you’re fucking someone over on the price or quality of the thing, as if it’s some hilarious secret, don’t get it at all.


nono that makes sense but tbh i’ll prob just see what james corden will give me


He does the voiceover on the radio ads.

I always find a pithy retort works best when one has to explain it afterwards.


Shit, my feigned ignorance has been interpreted as actual ignorance!


I recently did it. It really depends on whether you value convenience or cold, hard cash more.


No worse feeling as a pubescent teen than spotting what you think is a jazz mag in a hedge from a distance but it turns out to be a copy of Auto Trader :neutral_face:


yep, this.

I part-ex my old car and didn’t really get a great deal but in terms of convenience it does make things a lot more straight forward.


Excellent contribution.


Or a Kays catalogue


Find one you want to buy and trade it in part-ex.

Or if you’re not buying another one, then autotrader.



Just been given a company car, so the latter.


We’ve sold via autotrader but I think everyone rips us off so I’m just going to torch the next one.


You can ask your neighbour to help.