Selling Bower & Wilkins 685 S2 Speakers £175

Pair of Bower & Wilkins 685 S2 speakers on sale for only £175. £500 brand new 2 years ago. No damage. Let me know if you’;re interested

Sorry for posting in the regular forums but I need as many peepers on this as possible
£20- postage
Happy to do a deal where its £100 up front and £100 on delivery
Estimated delivery date 3 - 5 days
Collection available in Brighton

Hope you guys dont mind me using this forum on this ad

As good as new, only missing dust covers, which is fine as they’re sexier without them

Wouldn’t 100 now and 100 in delivery be 5 more than what you’re selling it for?

Good point well made.

£100 now and 95£ on delivery

@moderators please close

theyve been sold