Selling Houses

Hello all, I’m in the process of selling my flat and could use some of your expert advice. I’m been given a 50 page form to fill out by my conveyencers (funny, I thought I was paying them to do all the work) and I’m a bit stuck on some of the questions. If anyone knows what they’re talking about I’d be grateful of your help. (I mean I could just call them up and ask them but…)

Feel free to post other selling houses related stuff in here.

In with my other 9,999,991,782,2751,198,019 jobs I’ve done some conveyancing law
It’s just messing about with felt tips

First question. Buildings insurance is arranged by the freeholder and I pay for it via a service charge. So do I answer yes to this?

I’d say no, and use the box to explain what you wrote

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Are you not the leaseholder? Do you mean freeholder?

Yes I met freeholder.

Question 2: I think I have a flood risk report from when I bought the place 8 years ago. Is that relevant?

do you still have the report?

Oh, Just tick the ‘no’ box then. Presumably the form makes it clear that it’s a leasehold place elsewhere?

If you still have it, supply it.

Yes, think it’s in my big box of paper somewhere

as Marckee says - if you have it then supply it, if you don’t have it then just say no

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There’s a leasehold section later on but doesn’t mention buildings insurance in it.

Literally thought I was paying them 2k to work this shit out for themselves.

Question 3: same as 2 but regarding EPC certificate - do these things expire or shall I just give them an eight year old one anyway?

AQOS has really gone downhill.


No, you’re paying them to deal with the buyer’s solicitors and undertake all the searches.

You still have to provide them with the basic information that only you know the answer to.

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if you have it send it in, if not just say no because saying yes but then not sending it will just slow things down

Yeah I’m just being grumpy. Appreciate the help btw.

EPC certificates last for 10 years. HOWEVER, if you have done work to the property, or if there are things in it that you feel it doesn’t pick up (especially if it will improve the EPC rating), then I’d get a new one done.

Question 4: I have a water tank in my loft - don’t own the loft but have the access to it - water tank serves the two flats below so will the pipes leading down to them cross my property?